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 Record Number: 102 Posted: June 17, 2010, 10:21 pm 
Name: Charles Parker
Dear Debbie

Sorry to hear of your sad loss, his passing is the second notification we have had in the past few days regarding the 52/54 commission crew, I am unsure whether any of his former shipmates will see your notification but with your approval I will enter his name in the association's 'Roll of Honour'.

Charles Parker
HMS Opossum Association
Website Manager.

 Record Number: 101 Posted: June 16, 2010, 11:49 am 
Name: Debbie Wilcox
Found: Found using a search engine.
E-mail: debrwilcox@virginmedia.com
Location: Birmingham,UK
I would like to inform all members that my father
Terence Wilcox passed away suddenly on 9th March 2010.
Terry served on HMS Opossum 1952-1954.
Its such a shame that he never got see this website.
He would have loved it.

 Record Number: 100 Posted: June 12, 2010, 6:50 pm 
Name: Alan Williams
Found: Father was Ex-member
E-mail: alan@reeswill.plus.com
Location: North Wales
Sadly I would like to inform all the ship crew from 1952/54 of the passing of our very much loved father Mr.Ivor.Williams. He constantly told stories of his Navy years and especially his time on the Opossum, due to his progessive ill health he could no longer attend the reunions although this cut him deeply. His thoughts were always with his ship mates and the life he missed.

 Record Number: 99 Posted: May 5, 2010, 1:40 pm 
Name: tony draycott(anf)
Found: Found using a search engine.
Location: shrewsbury
the guestbook is very good i was on the opossum 1956 hope to meet lads from then at the reunion

 Record Number: 98 Posted: April 30, 2010, 7:47 pm 
Name: ann mcguirk
Found: Found using a search engine.
E-mail: the.freddies@sky.com
Location: liverpool
my Dad John McGuirk was on the Opossum 52-53, so i searched on google and found this amazing site. great to see all the photos...

I wonder if anyone remembers John McGuirk?

 Record Number: 97 Posted: April 21, 2010, 10:00 am 
Name: Mrs.Annie Chambers
Found: Found using a search engine.
E-mail: anniechambers@talktalk.net
Location: Newhaven,East Sussex,England,UK
My husband Maurice William Chambers served on the Opossum from 1945
and I would like the History of the ship please,for the benefit of
our family please.

 Record Number: 96 Posted: April 14, 2010, 5:59 pm 
Name: Christopher Williams
Found: Found using a search engine.
E-mail: cymru64@bellsouth.net
Location: Marietta, Ga, USA
Revisited the website to do a little research to compare 'O' boats to the US Guppy class.
I was the WEO 1980 - 1983 before getting a pier head jump to HMS Oberon. Brought her out of refit did a workup got run down in the Atlantic by a Russian 'trawler'. Spent six months in Pompey dockyard having the fin rebuilt and then did another workup. Oh happy days!!.
I now live in the USA and would like to hear from anyone who was on the Opossum during that time (Did they scrap Jack Kershaw with the boat?).

 Record Number: 95 Posted: March 25, 2010, 4:13 pm 
Name: Rattler
Found: Found using a search engine.
E-mail: rattleruk@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Dublin Ireland
It is 20 yrs ago that we set sail for that epic journey around the world in May of this year, where has the time gone? I will be attending this years Plymouth reunion and I would like to meet up with as many of you as poss. If any of you are going to Plymouth in Aug for the O boat reunion maybe we can make it a Opossum reunion in the evening. Email me at rattleruk@yahoo.co.uk and tell me what you think? Rattler

 Record Number: 94 Posted: March 21, 2010, 9:39 pm 
Name: pat
Found: Found using a search engine.
E-mail: patriciamca@btinternet.com
Location: Berkshire
trying to trace ROBIN WOOLDRIDGE served Opossum circa early 1960s.
wishing to reunite with a friend

If anyone knows of Robin (formally of Calcot Reading Berks) please make contact. Thank you

 Record Number: 93 Posted: March 17, 2010, 3:44 pm 
Name: Alan Percival
Found: member
E-mail: mossnook@hotmail.com
Location: Ulverston Cumbria
It is with deep regret that I have to inform all members of the passing of shipmate Edward"Ted" Longstaff from the 1956-1957 commission. He crossed the bar on 16th March 2010 after a long illness. Our thoughts go out to his family.

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